Welcome to Dr. Sylvia's website, we are here to help you with your eye care needs. We want to let you know of all the services that are available at our office. We specialize in personalized service with a focused attention to detail.

In addition to complete eye examinations, digital imaging services, visual field testing, topography, pachymetry, Laser Vision co-management and contact lens services we are pleased to provide complete medical eye services.
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Just an FYI, the following eye conditions can be treated here in our office:
Eye Infections
Eye Injuries
Pink Eye
Foreign Body Removal
Eye Allergies
Corneal Abrasions
Dry Eyes
Lid Infections
  ...and many other eye diseases
We are pleased to offer these special services in addition to our comprehensive eye care services.  We are dedicated to providing each of our patients the finest eye care available anywhere. Our primary concern is to give you the very best of care.
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